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Want to know what Catholic Saints Resource Center can provide for you?

Baby on the way and looking for a Saints name?

Class project writing about Saints of the Catholic Church?

Just want to know more about a particular Patron Saint?

Maybe you are a home schooler looking for a list of the Catholic Saints?

Want to be happy? Get to know the Catholic Saints.  I firmly believe we are all looking for happiness and also more firmly believe that holiness and happiness are synonymous.

Whatever the reason if you want information about Catholic Saints, here we are.

Let us get excited about the Saints. They are the true role models for all of us young or old no matter. They will show us the real purpose of life, ie) eternal happiness.

We are building a complex site made up of simple pieces.

Have you seen those nature films where you see a school of fish in the ocean all moving together like they are one big organism.?

Or have you seen geese flying overhead in formation, beautifully working together.

This site is like that, all these individual sites are working together for you.

We look forward to a long relationship with you as we both get to know the Catholic Saints.

Our goal is Evangelization not profits.

We plan on providing you with the resources you need to obtain whatever you seek about the Saints.

We have visited the Shrines of many of the Saints we bring to you. We want to bring you those special insights we gathered from the Saint's Shrines.

We will also have some unique pictures from these Shrines gathered from our extensive archives.

Let's get started discovering our heritage, the Catholic Saints.

This site is dedicated to the Holy Family.

During his trip to America, Pope Benedict XVI, stated:
"As the saints teach us so vividly, prayer becomes hope in action. Christ was their constant companion, with whom they conversed at every step of their journey for others."

Visit the places of the Saints

You may want to browse what Pope Benedict XVI recently said about the Saints.

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Alphabetical listing of some Popular Men and Women Saints

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Catholic Saints Resource Center blog for information about Catholic Saints
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Super Saints
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Catholic Saints - Who are they?
Catholic Saints - Who are they?
Blessed Mother Mary - the greatest Saint
Blessed Mother Mary - the greatest Saint
Popular Catholic Women Saints
Popular Catholic Women Saints - their biographies and other information
Catholic Men Saints
Catholic Men Saints - Short biographies on the lives of some of the most popular Men Saints
Catholic Role Models for our youth
Catholic Role Models for our youth here in the Americas
Catholic Saints ebooks
Catholic Saints ebooks
Catholic Saints Booklets for home schools
Catholic Saints booklets are available on the most popular Catholic Saints, great for home schools
Catholic Saints Stories
Listing of Catholic Saints Stories and short biographies
Catholic Saints books and other media
Resources for Catholic Saints books, dvds, ebooks, and cds
Catholic Saints Statues
Resources for Catholic Saints Statues and Patron Saint Statues
Patron Saints Medals
Resources for Patron Saints Medals as well as Catholic Saints Medals of all kinds, gold, silver and pewter
American Catholic Saints
Resources for information on the American Catholic Saints
Catholic Martyrs
There have been Catholic Martyrs since the early days of the Church. We focus on the Irish, Polish, Mexican and American Martyrs.
My Favorite Catholic Saint
Invitation to tell us about your favorite Catholic Saint
Children books
Children books resources
Shrines of Saints
Shrines of Saints
Franciscan Saints
Listing and information on the Franciscan Saints
Catholic Stigmatists Saints
Information on the Catholic Stigmatists Saints
Catholic Encyclopedia of Saints online
The Catholic Encyclopedia of Saints online contains much information about Catholic Saints, especially their biographies
Catholic Patron Saints and Indexes
Catholic Patron Saints names, lists and indexes
Catholic Calendar of Saints
Resources for Catholic Calendar of Saints
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Resources for Catholic Saints prayer cards
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Resources of Catholic websites of interest
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