Saint Veronica Giuliani
Stigmatist - Franciscan

Saint Veronica Giuliani Stigmatist

Saint Veronica Giuliani receives the Stigmata
One day, while praying in her cell, Sister Veronica had a vision of Jesus.

He was carrying His Cross on His Shoulder. He asked her, “What do you wish?” She replied, “That Cross and I wish it for You, for Your Love.”

He took the Cross from His Shoulder and placed it on her shoulder. It was too heavy! She fell under the weight of it, and her Lord lifted her.

Saint Veronica Giuliani stigmatist

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Still another time, Our Lord appeared to Veronica, covered with open sores, a Crown of Thorns on His Head.

Blood spilled from His precious Body, as He said, “See what sinners have done to Me.” Veronica wrote in her Diary:
“Seeing the great agony that my Lord was in, I begged Him to give Me His Crown. He placed it on my head; I suffered so much, I thought I was dying.”

Another time, Jesus came and showed Saint Veronica Giuliani a Chalice full of liquid.

She wrote that it seemed as if the liquid was on fire. The Lord told her, “If you want to be Mine, you must taste this liquid for My Love.”

She later wrote that when He placed just a few drops of the liquid on her tongue, she was filled with such indescribable bitterness and sadness, she thought she would die. Her tongue became dry and from that day on, she could not taste anything.

On Christmas Day, the Infant Jesus appeared to Veronica.

He sent an arrow deep into her heart. When she awakened, she found her heart bleeding.

The burning flame roaring inside her heart was so painful, she could not rest day or night.

He told her He wanted her heart to bear the marks of His Wound; He said, her heart had to feel the lance and her feet and hands, the nails He felt on the Cross. Continued

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Come to Cittá di Castello, Italy and discover this extraordinary Saint for our times.
Visit the monastery where she spent her life as a religious. See the cell where she lived; the bed she slept on, the pillow-case which still shows the blood-stains from her Stigmata, the tree to which she levitated, the Cross upon which she hung, and the Cross she carried.
See where the Devil attacked and tormented her.

See the 20 volumes of her diary, written in her own hand, which may one day raise her to the title of Doctor of the Church. Truly a Role model of a Saint.

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